Our students are the heartbeat of our program.  They love books, but they don’t live in them.  They work hard on academics, but they refuse to be boring.  They are courageous, kind, and they love Jesus.  They are leaders not only in the classroom, but throughout the Biola community and beyond.

The wide range of interests and concerns that captivate our students makes Torrey a genuinely interdisciplinary community.  Torrey students participate in nearly every major at Biola University, including film, philosophy, science, business, and art.  The collision of perspectives that happens in our class discussions is one of the most rewarding aspects of our approach to general education.

Student life doesn’t stop at books and learning, though.  We encourage all our students to take up clubs and activities as part of living an integrated, well-rounded life.  Our students actively cultivate new interests while deepening the ones they already have.  And they have a lot of fun.  Torrey students play sports, they go on missions trips, and work in their local churches.  They start clubs and go to debate tournaments.  They play music, make art, and participate in theater.

Our students are some of the most energetic, interesting, and eager people we have met.  (Yes, we’re biased.  And serious. Come visit and find out for yourself.)  And we hope you’ll join them.

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