Special Opportunities

Torrey Abroad

Hike the French Alps and read Aquinas at a remote medieval monastery. Survey Vatican Square outside St. Peter’s Basilica after surveying medieval theology and literature. Take in a little Shakespeare…as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Torrey students have unique opportunities to explore the many intersections of Christianity and western culture during the Institute’s various trips abroad. The curriculum for these summer and interterm trips gives students first-hand encounters with the environments of the texts they read on campus. Courses like Torrey Cambridge and Torrey Rome envelop students in the very surroundings that produced some of the greatest scholars, musicians, and theologians in history.

Oxford Study Abroad

Some Torrey Honors students spend a semester at Oxford University. They come well prepared for the opportunity, as the Oxford model of education shares some of the core educational philosophies of the Institute. At this selective study abroad program, students have the rare distinct privilege of learning in one of the world’s most distinguished centers of education. Selected participants study with students in all academic disciplines and from all nations, giving them a diverse and rigorous experience that deepens both their learning and faith.

Student-Run Clubs

Torrey supports and fosters the arts on campus by giving our students ways of exercising their gifts and passions. Each year, students in the Torrey Theater club organize and direct two full-length productions and hold on-campus performances. Additionally, some students choose to bring great works of music to our campus community. Past productions of Torrey Music have included the works of J.S. Bach and Handel, while Torrey Theater has performed plays ranging from Shakespeare to Henrik Ibsen.

Urban Plunge

On Urban Plunge, students and faculty seek to read Los Angeles and engage with it as a manifestation of God’s authorship and sovereignty. From its beginning, Biola has been an urban center for equipping students to understand how Christ’s word relates to our context. In Torrey, we carry out this mission through Urban Plunge, a trip during which students and faculty explore and interpret the buildings and people of the city and Christ’s role in their stories.


Academic Service Learning

Our hope for students is that the texts they read and the conversations they have in the classroom will actively inform and have lasting impact on the choices they make in thier daily walk with Christ. Academic Service Learning is one of they ways we integrate our learning with our faith. It's a project in which Torrey students partner with local organizations to tutor and mentor younger studednts along their academic journies.


Torrey Trips

Going beyond the classroom and seeing how the texts we read interact with our surroundings is one of our main goals at the Institute. Students have numerous opportunities to do so both on and off campus, where they are called to thoughtfully interpret science, technology, and the arts in light of Christ’s truth. Sponsored events at places like the Getty Center and the LA Opera happen on a yearly basis.

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