Special Opportunities

Torrey Cambridge

Torrey spends three weeks in Cambridge every summer. During this trip, students have the unique opportunity to "do Torrey" (i.e., read and discuss classic books) in a city and university that produced many of the world's best thinkers. The Torrey Cambridge curriculum centers around texts by authors who attended or lived in Cambridge. Students engage in discussions led by our faculty members, participate in historical tours, and experience the best of English academics, culture, and the arts.


Other study abroad opportunities

Biola offers a number of off-campus study programs. These range in location from Nashville to Uganda, and all are available to Torrey students interested in studying abroad. Many Torrey students participate in the Scholar's Semester at Oxford, a program run through BestSemester and SCIO (or Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford). SCIO students are afforded the same privileges as Oxford students, including full access to the university's research facilities, libraries, lectures, and professors. Since Torrey's academics are modeled after the Oxbridge tutorial system, our students enter this program well-prepared for the rigor of Oxford's academic challenges. It is an intellectually stimulating opportunity to study with students from across the U.S. and around the world. 

Extra-curricular activities

Our multi-talented students are involved in a variety of clubs and student-run organizations on campus. Past student projects include theatrical productions, weekly meetings to practice preaching skills, and inter-student mentorship programs. Torrey Theatre possesses a long-standing tradition of excellence in its student directed plays. Every year sees the production of one or two full-length performances, one of which is often Shakespeare. Torrey students have also staged plays by the likes of Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Miller, Anton Chekhov, and Sophocles.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a unique, student-led excursion into Los Angeles in which Torrey students and faculty explore the city together. The motivating vision behind Urban Plunge is to offer students an opportunity to “read the city like a book” with the skills of observation and analysis they cultivate through Torrey coursework. It is an immersive, day long opportunity to develop a meaningful interaction with the complex people and places that compose the “City of Angels.” Those who are interested can apply to be members of an Urban Plunge leadership team.

Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning is an opportunity for students to receive paper credit for integrating their Torrey learning with socially-minded service projects. Every year, students are given the option to partner with Solidarity, a tutoring program for at-risk and underserved students in the Fullerton area. Students who choose to participate are guided through intentional reflections on the connections between their volunteer work and the ideas they encounter during Torrey readings and discussions.

Torrey beyond the classroom

Other efforts to engage with Torrey beyond the classroom have included trips to the Getty Center, the LA Opera, off-site lectures, the LA Master Chorale, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. At all of these sponsored events, Torrey seeks to help its students thoughtfully interact with science, technology, and the arts in the context of intentional mentorship and community.

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