Your Torrey group is a learning community.

Instead of privileging independent study, we make room for the unique goods that come from groups of fellow learners wrestling with books, ideas, words, deeds, and life. The department divides every incoming freshmen class into multiple Torrey groups. Your group will meet together for all of its sessions. Books and tutors will be different from session to session, but your Torrey group will remain the same.

Tutors will lead you in session and mentors will guide you outside of session, but your Torrey group will walk the path alongside you. Being a member of a Torrey group means that you and your peers will rely on one another to gather keener understanding and deeper insight from the books that you read. Your growth and learning are multiplied beyond what they would be were you a solitary learner because of the company of your group. Your membership in your Torrey group invites you to cultivate the kinds of skills and virtues that support the learning community: among them, clarity, wisdom, courage, modesty, curiosity, patience, humility, eloquence, and even love.

Groups work together for knowledge. Even if that means that there are long moments of debate and disagreement, the fundamental aim of the group is to collaborate. In iconic moments, you will see how some of your best intellectual work will actually yield communion.

Torrey groups are named after Torrey authors or related figures. Morgan House and Johnson House are long-term homes for their respective groups. Each group has its own banner and legacy book to collect the history of every set of students that bears the group name.

You will stay in the same Torrey group for the majority of your time in Torrey. Scheduling exceptions are made for various reasons in consultation between the mentor, student, and the department’s administration.

Learn more about the work your group does together in the Talking section →

In the case that you think you need to switch groups, you'll need to talk to your mentor and fill out a Torrey Group Change Request form.

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