Torrey Honors Admissions Process

Step 1: Apply to Biola University

Torrey Honors is the honors undergraduate program of Biola University. You do not need to apply to Biola Univeresity before you can apply to the Torrey Honors Institute, but students will not be admitted to Torrey Honors unless they are also admitted to Biola University.

We have a limited number of spaces in our program. For this reason, we encourage you to submit your Torrey Honors application as early as possible, even if you have not heard back regarding your Biola application.


Step 2: Apply to Torrey Honors

All prospective Biola University students who have one or more of the following are invited to apply to the Torrey Honors Institute:

  1. A GPA of 3.8 and higher
  2. A combined SAT of at least 1250
  3. A composite ACT of at least 25

Please note that the Torrey application requires short essay responses. Responses ought to be well-crafted and well-edited. 

We recommend writing and editing your responses in a separate, savable document before submitting your application. A strong candidate will submit thoughtful responses of 3-4 paragraphs per question. The essay questions include: 

  1. Who is Jesus Christ? How do you use the Bible to answer this question?
  2. Other than the Bible, what 2-3 books have challenged the way you think about yourself and/or the world? Describe how. 
  3. What is an idea that you're looking forward to studying more deeply?
  4. How do you approach difficulties in your life, and what wisdom have you gained? 
  5. Describe a time in which you handled a meaningful disagreement.
  6. What is it about Torrey Honors that leads you to believe that you will thrive in our program? 

Still have questions? We're happy to help! Check out the FAQ on the right, or contact us at


Step 3: Interview with Torrey Honors Admissions Committee

Only half of Torrey's applicants proceed to the final interview round.

Per committee review and recommendation of your application, select candidates will be contacted to schedule a group or phone interview with a member of the Torrey Honors admissions committee


Step 4: Notification & Confirmation

If you apply to the Torrey Honors Institute prior to March 1st, you will receive notification of admission by mid-April.

Students selected to participate must notify Torrey Honors of their intent to enroll by May 1. If you are accepted after May 1, please inform us of your intention to enroll as quickly as possible. If you missed the May 1st deadline, please contact us (information below).




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